Spring and summer mark the peak season for tourists exploring the natural beauty of Republika Srpska, known for its abundant cultural events and concerts. With the dawn of the tourist season, hoteliers and tourism industry workers anticipate a promising year ahead.


According to hoteliers, the first two months of this year have seen significant interest, particularly from international visitors, in tourist attractions across Srpska. As the festival season kicks off, further growth in the tourism sector is expected.

Miodrag Lončarević, Director of the Tourism Organization of RS, stated to "Glas Srpske" that each year records are broken in terms of visitor numbers. Despite unfavorable winter conditions last season, Srpska has experienced an eight percent increase in arrivals and overnight stays compared to the same period last year.

Lončarević attributed much of this success to the promotion of domestic tourist attractions abroad, resulting in a higher number of foreign tourists visiting Srpska compared to domestic tourists for the first time.

The success is further evident as almost all hotels in Trebinje are fully booked until mid-September, with a notable influx of Chinese tourists in recent times. According to receptionists, only a few rooms remain available at the "SL Industri" hotel until mid-April, after which they are fully booked.

At "Platani" hotel, a few rooms are still available for May, June, and July, with high demand already evident for August. Receptionist Irinej Đurić expressed confidence in surpassing previous records this year, citing a stronger start compared to last year. Reservations for the next year have already begun through agencies.

In Višegrad, where the new tourist season starts in April, expectations are equally high, with bookings already secured for the next year. The main guests are tourists from neighboring regions, as well as Danes and Bulgarians, with occasional visits from Chinese groups eager to sample local cuisine.

The diverse array of festivals and events organized throughout the year in Banja Luka contributes to the continuous growth in tourist numbers, especially during holiday seasons. However, Tijana Radić, the main receptionist at "Višegrad" hotel, noted a decrease in domestic guests following the discontinuation of tourism vouchers. She emphasized the importance of reintroducing these vouchers, as they provided locals with opportunities for travel.